Latest Notes from the Underground

They keep saying, “Nothing is off the table.” This literally means: “We can do whatever we want.” NO restraints — not by courts, not by elections, not by Constitutions. The Biden regime is literally unlimited government. They are lawless, at war with our freedom and at war with the people.


“Experts” told you if you complied with lockdowns, censorship, masks and vaccinations–life would return to normal.

“Conspiracy theorists” told you COVID was never going to end, and governments would use it to usher in a totalitarian new order.

Who do you believe now? [Candace Owens]


Leftist Bill of Rights: You have an individual right to smoke weed; have gay sex; be transgender; get an abortion; to mooch off of productive people … and a right to ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE.


Jordan Rachel: The only people who are scared of the new variant are the people who wear 3 masks and a face shield alone in their car and have every single vaccine and booster available.


“Tucker Carlson dominates cable news ratings, scores highest rated week of 2021.”

Fascinating. Tucker Carlson is almost a lone voice in the wilderness of one-Party high profile media (even Fox News, increasingly). Against a torrential cultural wind of unrelenting tyranny and willful, spiteful–even gleeful–intellectual dishonesty and utterly NON objective spewing of pseudojournalism, Tucker Carlson flourishes.




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