Stacey Abrams: Like a Criminal on the Loose

Stacey Abrams has launched her second campaign for Georgia Governor.

Of course she has. The woman openly bragged about how her fraud tactics gave Georgia a win for Biden and two Communist Senators in 2020. She’s like a criminal on the loose and is confident she will do the same when running again for Governor. And, like every member of her party, she expects one day to be President — of a country that’s falling apart thanks to the wrecking ball that is her party. It’s up to Georgians to stop her.

She’s horrible, of course. But my sense is that she will probably become Governor. Aside from being great at fraud, the Republican in office is, I believe, a RINO and won’t energize people to vote. This is the lady who said she would confiscate guns. That should be interesting outside of suburban Atlanta.

[Photo and headline: Newsmax 12/1/21]



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