Kyle Rittenhouse: Appeasing Black Lives Matter is a Huge Mistake

RE: Kyle Rittenhouse’s disappointing embrace of the Black Lives Matter Marxist-terrorist group: Well, I suppose the lesson is that you can be right about something, but not real smart. Plus the government schools I assume he attended dumb you down. Perhaps Kyle’s subconscious love of freedom is much better than the stupid, tired ideas he sadly succumbed to.

Kyle Rittenhouse is trying to show he’s not a racist. I am sure he isn’t a racist. He seems like a decent, admirable young man with great courage and integrity. But he can’t prove he’s not a racist by showing support for groups like Black Lives Matter. BLM is not an anti-racist group. It’s a pro-Marxist group. Marxism holds that no individuals have rights, that we all belong to the state and that for all practical purposes we are all slaves. The way to show you are not a racist is to stand up for INDIVIDUALISM. Individualism is the polar opposite of racism, and is the only antidote to racism. Marxism obliterates the individual. It’s so painful to watch Kyle Rittenhouse, one of the lone, brave figures standing up successfully for freedom these days, totally undermine his achievement through appeasing the kinds of leftist totalitarians who cynically exploit racial issues in order to eradicate economic and personal liberty.

By the way, Rittenhouse is not a “vigilante.” A “vigilante” refers to an individual who uses a weapon to override the police, to take law and order into his own hands. But if the police have been ordered by leftist mayors and governors to stand down, and NOT to enforce the law so politically connected terrorist groups may loot, plunder and murder without consequences — is someone who acts in self-defense, in such a context, really a vigilante? That term, it seems to me, is being wildly misused in MSNBC- and CNN-land.



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