Has Kyle Rittenhouse Gone Over to the Dark Side?

I read a report that on a Fox News taping for Tucker Carlson several days ago, Kyle Rittenhouse stated that he SUPPORTS Black Lives Matter.

From an NBC news story: “I’m not a racist person; I support the BLM movement, I support peacefully demonstrating,” Rittenhouse told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson in an excerpt from an interview set to air Monday night.

If true, it’s a tragic reflection of the brainwashing done by government-run schools; and, I would argue, why all those schools must be defunded immediately.

Kyle Rittenhouse had the presence of mind, the moral independence and courage to stand up for his inalienable right to defend himself — while now advocating for BLM, an organization who (1) has called for him to be prosecuted a second time in a Bidenista “court”, and thrown into prison (or worse); and (2) would disarm every American citizen in a Marxist minute if given the opportunity.

No matter how many political or legal battles we win (and so far, we haven’t won a lot), none of them will matter if we lose the war of ideas and the war for man’s mind and soul. Remember, kids aren’t being told in schools, “Here’s the difference between freedom and dictatorship, and here’s why we think dictatorship is a good thing.” Brainwashing means you’re given one side — the dictatorship side — and being told it’s of course the only option. And, to top it off, dictatorship is relabeled freedom. That’s how they got even Kyle Rittenhouse snared, as they get a majority of kids indoctrinated in these subsidized institutions of willful ignorance.

I hope young Mr. Rittenhouse realizes his error before the leftist mobs come for him. Freedom isn’t merely having a gun. It’s knowing you’re legally and MORALLY entitled to defend yourself.



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