Critical Race Theory Will NOT Go Quietly

It’s not possible to fix the Critical Race Theory issue without privatizing schools. Privatizing schools means DEFUNDING them.

Critical Race Theory is simply the modern-day equivalent of Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia, as applied to children in government-run schools. We all know that now. Nazi and Communist dictators indoctrinated children under the force of law, until those dictators were totally defeated and stopped. Indoctrinating and brainwashing children at gunpoint: It’s what dictators do. Today’s “woke” dictators will do it relentlessly and unblinkingly, until they too are totally defeated and stopped.

The only peaceful way to stop them is to defund them. Unless you want a physical war; nobody rational wants that, but we are dealing with terrorists and criminals. They will have their way, and they will use both force and deception to get it. Yes, they may start a war if we threaten to defund them. But we are already at war with them, and they are already at war with parents and their children. They openly admit it when they say, literally: “What children learn is up to the state — NOT up to the parents.” The implication is clear: Your children belong to the government; not to you, their parents.

I hope nobody will respond to me with, “Well, we can’t defund schools. Then children won’t be educated.” That’s simply not true. Millions of children have been educated without the “benefit” of government-run schools. You can educate your children yourself, through homeschooling. You can send them to private schools or to private tutors. None of it will cost what the billions upon billions of dollars going to the Nazi/Communist/tyrannical teachers’ unions now cost us all, in the aggregate.

The federal government is going bankrupt anyway, as the socialists run out of other people’s money. The currency is losing its value, because the government is spending so much more than the private economy (even the Trump economy or the Reagan economy) could ever have hoped to produce. The proof of the currency’s declining value is runaway inflation, which we have been experiencing for months now.

Parents: Cut your losses. Don’t waste your time arguing with ruthless, unyielding totalitarians on school boards who WILL NOT LISTEN AND WILL NEVER, EVER GIVE AN INCH.

Put your courage and your energy into demanding that these schools lose all of their funding. Let them fend for themselves in a marketplace where parents will have to voluntarily, with their own bank accounts, pay the tuition themselves, for their children to be taught how to become good little “progressive” racists and collectivists. And be prepared to educate your children yourself. You must do so anyway; because critical race theory isn’t going anywhere. In one form or another, it (along with other pernicious, Marxist-like doctrines) will always be part of any government-run school system.

Tax cuts for parents with children in schools would be economical. Tax cuts or credits would massively reduce the spending by the federal government and probably result in less inflation. It would hand money back to hard-working parents who can figure out better ways to educate their children than what’s going on now. ANYTHING, ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING, is better than what we’re seeing now.

Critical race theory — government sponsored racism — is only the tip of the iceberg. We are seeing a generation of ruined young people from these horrible schools. The exceptions are heroic and — well — exceptional. But for more kids than not to grow into anxiety-ridden, hate-riddled little Communists who despise America in particular and rationality and individual rights in general … that’s not a positive reflection on the kind of job government-run schools have done. It’s only going to get worse.

It’s no time for moderation. It’s a time for principle and clear thinking. You don’t moderate with poison; and today’s leftist Democratic Communists are unadulterated poison. It may already be too late for America, and we can only hope that it’s not. But if it’s not too late, we have to take equally radical action, now. Defunding government-run schools should be a no-brainer.

The people destroying your children and your nation are doing it with taxpayer dollars; with YOUR money, if you work for a living and give up 30-50 percent of it to the government. For heaven’s sake — take away those taxpayer dollars from these sinister, incompetent blowhards. See how long they last without the money they so crave, money created by a capitalist system they teach young minds to despise.

Defunding is the most peaceful way to win this civil war, and it’s the only thing that will work with tyrants. They can’t get any more violent or irrational than they’re already becoming, using the full force of the DOJ to treat vocal parents who object to their policies as enemies of The State.

Defund them. Every last penny.



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