Not Guilty

Wow. Not Guilty across the board. Evil and stupidity are everywhere. But rationality and justice can still prevail. Watch the bad guys go stark raving mad. Not that the woke commies running our culture (though not all of our courts) aren’t already stark raving mad. There is a civil war in America, and this (like the Virginia election) is another victory — specifically, for the Second Amendment and (more broadly) for the good guys. They will call you a “white supremacist” for upholding the individual right of ALL people, of ALL races, to defend themselves against violent thugs.

The foaming at the mouth has begun. Here’s a sample, from an MSNBC headline: “Kyle Rittenhouse trial was designed to protect white conservatives who kill”. What they’re really implying is that self-defense is ONLY for white people. Do people of color not also have a need for, and a right to, the Second Amendment? And, because these Marxist racial supremacists at MSNBC ARE, in fact, racist– they cannot conceive of anyone killing other than for racial reasons. They have no concept of the need for self-defense, which is not in any way a racial issue. I truly loathe this way of thinking. It’s inhuman, it’s profoundly unjust and it’s the reason our civilization is divided and disintegrating.

For a year, Facebook has said that it’s “sanctioning violence and illegal behavior” to post support of Kyle Rittenhouse. What does Facebook say now? Or do acquittals only count when it’s the verdict they want? Of course, the question answers itself.

Joe Biden is reportedly “angry and concerned” by the Rittenhouse verdict. Biden, his regime and all who support him are loathsome, disgusting tyrants. I consider all of them advocates of domestic terrorism. We are an occupied country as long as they hold any power.

#1 Fear of leftists:

Free speech, because it exposes their lies and logical fallacies.

#2 Fear of leftists:

The Second Amendment, which makes free speech possible.

Hence the unbridled shrieking, name calling and threats of violence after Kyle Rittenhouse’s acquittal for self-defense. Hear it for what it is: TERROR.

DemComs, like all narcissists, condemn self-interest in others. Hence their loathing of Kyle Rittenhouse, who practiced autonomous self-preservation, something that enrages them. But for themselves, they claim unlimited wealth, perks, rights and favors. DemComs and all leftists are bad, toxic and truly sick. It’s dangerous to let them near power, and it’s why our country is in the most mortal danger since at least World War II, and arguably ever.

I believe we are already in a civil war. It does not involve formal armies, and probably never will. It does get violent, however. Liberty lovers do not initiate violence, but leftists, being brutal totalitarians, do. So far, they do so underhandedly, by selectively standing down when BLM and Antifa terrorists commit crimes, while trumping up or manufacturing claims of crimes against Trump or Republican supporters (the 1/6 fiasco and subsequent imprisonment of American citizens without any due process). Use of government force against peaceful citizens for the sole reason of political disagreement is, in my view, an act of civil war. Just today, Biden has tacitly called for violence against supporters of Kyle Rittenhouse, by his almost comical call for “peaceful protests.” There’s nothing peaceful about these people. When he says “peaceful” (or reads what his handlers tell him to say), we know exactly what he means.

The American Revolution and the first American Civil War were riddled with early defeats for the sides that ultimately prevailed in those very difficult conflicts. Perhaps one day the victorious defenders of American liberty and property rights will look back on the Virginia governor’s race and the Kyle Rittenhouse acquittal as two key victories after an initial period of total defeat. Whatever the ultimate outcome, we are writing those chapters now.


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