How to End Racism: Once and for All

Here’s the solution to the actual or alleged problem of racism: STOP TALKING ABOUT RACE. Just ignore race. Talk about facts. Talk about individuals. Talk about justice or injustice — as you define it — and as it applies to ALL people at all times. Talk about equality under the law — for everyone, which is what “equality” means.

Stop talking about “equity”. That murky term generally means punishing individuals in the present for the sins of people 50 or 150 years in the past — where both the perpetrators and victims of any injustice are long gone.

Stop trying to pretend that you can infer the subconscious motives of people by reading their minds and then hold them both morally and legally accountable for the supposed content of their subconscious minds. “You’re racist. Prove that you’re not. You can’t.” The law doesn’t work that way. I can’t walk up to you and say, “Regardless of what you say or do, I KNOW what you’re really thinking. And for that, you must be punished.” That’s how it works today. And it’s madness.

Stop with the double standards. Yes, we know double standards used to exist. They don’t exist any more (except for the “progressives” against anyone who disagrees with them). We repealed slavery over 150 years ago. Jim Crow laws disappeared by the 1960s. While it’s true that some individuals harbor irrational attitudes — not just about black people, but also about white people, about Jews, about brown people, about gays/lesbians, and about people in just about every conceivable demographic group — we have to find ways to GET OVER that fact. We must develop the coping skills to move on with our daily lives, despite the fact that none of us are going to be liked by everybody, all of the time.

I would love to live on the cultural equivalent of the deck of the Starship Enterprise, back in the mid-1960s when that show first went on the air. There was no affirmative action. There was no retribution. It was a spaceship filled with human beings who were so concerned with their common, freely chosen mission and with what they would find in outer space, that their particular races, cultural backgrounds and ancestries were the LAST things on their minds.

THAT’S the kind of world we need to live in. Not the nasty, unjust, retaliatory, sneering, back-stabbing malevolent universe our politicians and cultural “leaders” have created over the last few years for absolutely no reason whatsoever that I can see, other than to advance the narcissistic quest and power lusting motives of people who care absolutely nothing about truth or justice.

Once again: STOP TALKING ABOUT RACE. Stop thinking about race. Stop dwelling on race. Just stop it! Your ancestral background is the least important quality about you. Your individuality is the most important. Cherish your individuality. Racism — actual racism — devours your individuality and tells you that your group membership matters first. Your group membership matters LAST.

Individualism: Let’s link up on that level. Let’s remain free to associate with, or reject, whomever we wish. If some of us make irrational or stupid choices, that’s our own loss. Let’s move beyond race, and try to become rational, at least somewhat mature and mentally healthy human beings … before we destroy ourselves, and in the process destroy everything that’s worthwhile about our great civilization.



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