Bad News for Bidenistas: People Are Less Afraid of COVID

From NEWSMAX: “A new Axios/Ipsos poll reveals that Americans are shifting to a more positive attitude about the state of COVID-19 and its effect on our lives. A 55% majority now believe there is little risk associated with returning to everyday activities, even in light of the Delta variant’s currently high transmission rate.”

This is BAD news for statists and control freaks. Control freaks NEED you to be afraid. When people are less afraid, they are less willing to surrender their liberties and freedoms. They are more willing to put their trust into people who seem like authorities, even when those authorities contradict common sense and science, or when these supposed experts say ridiculous, contradictory things.

Watch for statists and control freaks to double and triple down, as people become less anxious. When they can get away with it, they will reimpose mandates and lockdowns. They will triple down on vax mandates, as they’re presently doing. Case in point: Biden responded to the first court challenge to his vax mandate by saying, through his Surgeon General, “We’re going to expand the mass mandate to small businesses and individuals.” In other words: to everyone. He won’t accept the latest court challenge either. It’s because Biden, and the statists he works for, are lawless thugs in suits. They are bad people.

THEY ARE NOT GOING TO STOP. And it won’t be just with THIS virus, or the “Delta variant”; it will happen with other viruses, and other variants, too. And it will ultimately expand to the “climate change” agenda. Mark my words. We are not dealing here with incompetents; we’re dealing with ruthless totalitarians.

Until or unless more of us learn to be LESS AFRAID and MORE RATIONAL, independent and critical in our thinking, we will be more vulnerable to unsavory, criminal, toxic, self-appointed authorities. They do NOT have anyone’s well-being in mind. All they seek is power, control and money. They don’t need to be respected or listened to; they need to be locked up.



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