Why Do Gays, Lesbians, Blacks & Others Support Communism?

Gay and lesbian persons who vote DemCom ask other gay and lesbian persons who vote Republican: How can you vote for people who frown on gays?

The real question is: How can ANYONE — including gay or lesbian persons — vote for the eradication of ALL rights? Because the Democratic Party now stands for FORCING people to get medical treatments; FORCING people to shut down their small businesses (while big businesses get to stay open); FORCING people to have socialized medicine; FORCING people to censor what they say when the government disapproves; FORCING people to wear masks; FORCING people to teach their kids the ideology of the State; FORCING people to surrender their guns; FORCING people to stop using fossil fuels by 2030; FORCING people to pay higher gas prices, higher food prices and higher everything; and FORCING people to hand over more and more of their income to the federal government, along with their bank account and investment portfolio passwords.

My question for gays/lesbians is the same question I have for blacks and others who, as a group, keep cheering on the former “liberals” now turned Communist. In what universe do you give up ALL of your REAL rights in exchange for the privilege of being treated as a victim group and getting (at best) a few crumbs as compensation? Gays and lesbians: What good is the right to marry (which I know of no Republican, and certainly not Donald Trump, trying to eliminate) if you can’t afford to pay your bills, take care of your house, live in privacy, protect yourself from violent hate criminals, speak your mind freely and travel freely?

Communism is not freedom. It’s enslavement and impoverishment. If you are gay and lesbian (or black, or brown, or Jewish) and you think Communism is what you deserve, then you have got a major self-loathing problem. Please stop trying to impoverish and enslave the rest of us because of your self-loathing.




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