One Way or Another: American Marxism Will Collapse, as Marxism Always Does

One way or another, we’re going to get mass civil disobedience and unrest. As inflation climbs, fuel prices rise, vax mandates extend to individuals and small businesses (as Biden’s Surgeon General now says is on the table); as censorship becomes official policy (check out Biden’s FCC nominees) and gun confiscation commences (under the pretense of a national emergency, something that’s now fairly easy to declare) … as all of these things and WORSE continue to develop, there’s no way for the U.S. government to continue to function in even the dysfunctional way it has functioned in recent decades. If the last 20 months and particularly the last 10 months are any guide, the elections of 2022 and 2024 will not come soon enough. And even if they did, the people in power already acting like lawless tyrants will not accept a defeat. They will write off Virginia (for now), but not the Congress, the White House, the courts, the media and the military.

I am not advocating for civil unrest, nor cheering it on. I am only stating the obvious while it’s still (barely) legal to do so. Just as a smoker with advanced COPD cannot smoke a pack of cigarettes a day; just as a triple-bypass patient cannot live on a daily diet of McDonald’s; just as a type-1 diabetic cannot eat 10 candy bars a day; just as these things cannot be done without grave consequences, a free country cannot replace a Bill of Rights and a legislative process with arbitrary edicts; debase its own currency; humiliate and literally decimate its own military; violate its own borders and use taxpayer money to PAY people (including terrorists, murderers, child rapists and drug kingpins) to enter the country illegally; and turn the citizens against each other through the manipulation of the media and censorship … You simply cannot do ALL this (and more) without horrendous consequences.

When America finally cracks — and under this horrific comic strip of a government, to say nothing of our dishonest media and disgusting travesties of anti-thinking we still refer to as “schools”, it IS going to crack — it’s not going to be pretty. It’s not pretty now. I don’t know what will happen and exactly what it will look like. I know it’s in process. And I also know for sure: the morally puny souls who so cherish their increasingly tyrannical control over the people of a recently, mostly free country are not going to be happy with how it all goes when they can no longer control everyone because their government will have collapsed.



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