After a Year of Undiluted Tyranny, FINALLY a Victory for the Good Guys

“Can voters support Republicans without supporting Trump?” So asks a desperate MSN headline. The thing is: Youngkin ran on the TOTAL Trump platform. If Youngkin fails as governor, it will only be because he goes full Romney/McCain/Bush and abandons the Trump agenda all these voters want.

The Trump agenda is, by and large, what Republican voters want. Evidently the fraud didn’t work as well yesterday in Virginia as it did last year, and there were too many Trump-like voters for the fraud to work this time. And it probably didn’t help that the DemCom candidate for Governor in Virginia said things like parents should not be in charge of what their children are taught, or whether bathrooms should be gender fluid– that this was up to state authorities only.

The Trump agenda is not going away. Supporting Trump is not radical. It’s kind of like saying, “No, damn it … One plus one DOES equal two.” Democrats offer sociopathy and psychopathy. Anyone with a functioning mind and even a little bit of reason will reject them every time.

Not all Trump voters think exactly alike. But they all do have one thing in common: They are not Communists. They are not fascists. They want the federal and local governments to be restrained. They want the government to answer to the people — not the other way around.

Under Democrats — criminals and tyrants, every last one of them — the people must answer to the government — all of the time, and in every way imaginable. Whether the issues are taxes, control of schools, control over whether to wear a mask or obtain an experimental medical jab, arbitrary lockdowns, or anything else … to Democrats, YOU BELONG TO US AND YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS. End of story.

Many people in Virginia — a supposedly blue state — have clearly had enough. New Jersey would have gone the same way as Virginia were it not for the last minute scramble to find support for the Democrat Murphy clinging to power via subjective and likely fraudulent mail-in voting. Perhaps New Jersey will yet prevail for the pro-freedom side.

Until voting laws are followed and mail-in voting disappears, lovers of freedom and liberty are still largely screwed. But at least the anti-DemCom bloodbath in Virginia yesterday has made the road for tyrants a little more difficult. FINALLY. America is not fully finished; not yet, at least. If you Communist and fascist Dems wish to annihilate our Bill of Rights, you’re going to have to fight for it.


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