Raw Power Grabs: Not Conspiracy Theory; They’re REALITY

When I question the overreaction to COVID or the vaccination mandate, people (even the few who aren’t hostile) say things like, “So you believe in the conspiracy theory, then?”

No, that’s not it. There’s no conspiracy. It’s all done out in the open. I’m sure there are possibly secrets, but one thing is not a secret: Medical fascism is POWER FOR THE SAKE OF POWER.

Power for the sake of power is always wrong, and it’s always irrational. The fact that people who pursue power call themselves “social justice warriors” or “progressives” will not alter a thing. They are still evil.

When you replace reason with something else, you necessarily replace reason with (1) emotion, (2) coercion, or both.

We saw it first with mask mandates. Mask mandates were destructive socially and psychologically; the vax mandates are worse, because you’re being forced to take part in a medical experiment where the law of unintended consequences comes into play.

When you attempt to prevent “A” (COVID) you also can trigger all kinds of other side-effects or symptoms, possibly with far worse consequences than “A” (COVID) itself.

We’re not even permitted to investigate or consider these possibilities.

We’re told, basically, “Take the vaccine — or be shunned, and starve.” How much longer until we get to: “Take the vaccine — or be imprisoned, or executed.” What’s to stop it? John Roberts and the Supreme Court? Seriously?

The Constitution, while sacred and important on one level, is no longer practiced. In fact, people routinely invoke the Constitution to obliterate its whole original purpose, which was to LIMIT the power and scope of government. Government in the United States is far more powerful than it ever has been. Today’s regime has nothing whatsoever to do with the original founding government, and it’s hard even to recognize the America of 20 or 30 years ago in today’s dystopian insanity.

Limited government is gone, and it’s not coming back … at least, not without a big fight.

Unfortunately, limited government has no friend anywhere on earth, at present. When it went in America, the stage was set for it to perish everywhere else. Have you read about Australia lately? Or Great Britain? They’re glorified prison camps. America was always the last, best hope of mankind for economic freedom, individual liberty, innovation and prosperity.

If you want your freedom back, you’ll have to get out of your comfort zone. Because, believe me: They are NOT giving any of it up. And they’re expanding it by the hour.


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