Don’t Put Too Much Hope in Virginia

A lot of hope for our floundering republic is being placed in the Virginia governor’s race. I understand why. However, the Republican candidate (from what I’ve read) appears to be a RINO. If he wins, he might be just another whore for lockdowns, masks, vaccination mandates and everything else, just like Maryland’s and Ohio’s horrific RINO governors. But let’s say he squeaks by and wins, and manages to overcome the voter fraud almost certainly part of that election. He will find out what it’s like to be Donald Trump. He will get the Trump treatment. We might see riots or other things in order to get the point across that DemComs will not tolerate losing. And the Democrats — who are now openly Communists and fascists — will do everything in their power either to unseat him, or weaken him to the point where he’s every bit as bad as his opponent would have been (and with a RINO that’s easy).

A reader on social media asks me: But if it’s a choice between a RINO and a hard-core Democrat, isn’t the former just a tiny bit better than the latter?

Unfortunately, a RINO (Republican in Name Only) and a leftist have almost the exact same policies. The RINO helps good people delude themselves; the outright statist provides the real thing.

So don’t be too hopeful about the state of Virginia. After Biden got away with what he got away with in last year’s election (to say nothing of what he’s getting away with now), my comment was, “There is no next time.” I’m not saying this to be negative. I’m saying this because it’s the truth. Prove me wrong. Sure, keep fighting for elections and Republicans as we have known them; but you’re going to keep getting frustrated. Elections are like taking aspirin for a heart attack. Whatever the solution is, we’ve got to find something better than just giving RINOs an opportunity to shine at cocktail parties.



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