Anthony Fauci: The Poor, Misunderstood Victim

Dr. Anthony Fauci has argued that he is an easy target during the coronavirus pandemic because he stands for “science, data and hard facts” rather than “conspiracy theories.” [Fox News]

No, that’s not it. Fauci stands for government-run pseudoscience, the toxic and destructive fusion of politics and real science, and the actualization of a medically fascist dictatorship in America that makes the wildest of conspiracy theories seem understated by comparison.

Almost single-handedly, he has reduced science to nothing more than an incoherent hash of soundbites, often dead on arrival for their own self-contradictory content, devoid of even internal consistency. Fauci has made a joke of “public health” and any shred of credibility such an enterprise might ever have had.

On top of that, he’s a probable criminal and has done more to undermine freedom, honesty and integrity in Western civilization than anyone since the era of Hitler and Stalin.



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