America 2021: Government is the New Religion

“The State is not armed with superior wit or honesty, but with superior physical strength. I was not born to be forced. I will breathe after my own fashion. Let us see who is the strongest,” said Henry David Thoreau.

Well put. Today, government is like a religion for millions of people. They look to government to tell them what to do. They decide what’s ethical or unethical according to what some hack doctor in the government says. Their authorities say contradictory or illogical or clearly non-factual things, often reversing themselves 24 hours later. No matter. Like religious authorities, they ALWAYS get a free pass.

The religion of government is the worst kind of religion. It’s utterly fused with the state. The edicts of the government have the full force of law not just in knowledge, but in the courthouse. And you may not dispute them. A compliant media sees to that.

Increasingly, violence is threatened against heretics. The latest targets: Mothers and fathers who don’t want their children to be taught Marxism and racism in government-run schools. The full force of Homeland Security has been weaponized against them, in hopes of silencing them. How’s that any different from what goes on in, say, Iran? The government, in a religious state, uses the police force to selectively enforce laws against the destruction of property and bodily injury. If you’re a heretic, you are harmed; if you are a believer, you are safe. Case in point: The Black Lives Matter riots of 2020, in the USA. Another case in point: The Australian police, turning against the citizens to the point of hauling people out of their homes when they challenge mask or vaccination mandates via opinions expressed on Facebook.

I challenge you to find anything in the history of the Crusades, or anywhere in the Middle Ages, to match the war against knowledge, individual liberty or simple rationality being waged by all previously somewhat civilized Western institutions of today. That includes the United States of America, the late republic originally founded by men of the Enlightenment — a very, very different era from the Middle Ages (or our own).

It’s not inspiring to live in these times. But that’s where we are. Man has choice, and he can change his ideas and actions any time he wishes. Millions may be starting to do so. History is filled with the ideas of brilliant, thinking heroes as an antidote to the stupefyingly torpid fools in charge of our media and ruling classes today (epitomized by that demented and historically idiotic creature, Joe Biden). Everything rational can be found on the Internet, with censorship still only in its early stages. Better choices remain our only hope. Millions in America think clearly and have not bought into the new religion. But millions of others have. And we’re presently at war with each other, whether all of us yet understand that or not.

Much is made of how today’s American regime mimics the past practices of fascism and Communism. True enough. But consider how today’s government gets away with everything it does because most people regard its authority as the holy word of infallibility — labeled, perversely and mockingly, as “science.”




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Note: Facebook has again suspended my account, this time until Oct. 18. They objected to my sharing a post by Brandon Straka, founder of Walk Away. That post was liked/shared at least 20,000 times, last time I checked, before they took it down. They claim that Straka is violent and dangerous, even though he has only been charged with a misdemeanor and has not been accused by the Biden regime of even entering the U.S. Capitol on January 6. My question: Violent and dangerous — by what definition, and to whom? As my post said: This is not America.