Facebook vs. Regulatory Leftists: Leftists Start to Eat their Own

Mark Zuckerberg Responds to Facebook Whistleblower: It’s “Deeply Illogical: to Say “We Deliberately Push Content That Makes People Angry” [from Mediaite/MSN]

It’s not just logical, but FACTUAL, to say: Facebook censors nonleftist thought every chance it gets; and tolerates everything leftist no matter how nasty, hateful or untrue. Facebook acts precisely like the state-run media of a Communist-fascist dictatorship would act, at the behest of the government. Facebook makes nonleftists angry by the minute; Facebook’s actions should make leftists happy, but leftists are not happy about anything. They’re just mean, nasty, authoritarian and brutal. And now they’re turning on one of their best friends, the social media giant who does whatever the dictatorship tells it to do.



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