The Psychopathology of Today’s Fascism-Communism

He actually said it. The Biden regime attorney general actually said, “While spirited debate about policy matters is protected under our Constitution, the protection does not extend to threats of violence or efforts to intimidate individuals based on their views.”

AG Merrick Garland is referring to parents voicing opposition to mandating masks for school children, as well as teaching them Marxism (“critical race theory”), in government-run schools throughout the country.

That dissension is not violent. Yet dissension from Garland’s side — from BLM on down — most decisively is. In today’s morally and cognitively inverted world, everything is labeled and treated as the EXACT OPPOSITE of what it actually IS.

In the minds of all totalitarian regimes, dissension is violence. That’s why AOC breaks down in tears and says she has to go to therapy for “PTSD” — all because millions of people apparently do not share her Communist and fascist views.

To a weak-minded person who’s at war with facts, common sense and objective reality — and who despises liberty — the very existence of dissenters makes him or her literally crazy.

The way the craziness manifests is through psychopathological anxiety. In order to reduce the anxiety, the intolerant authoritarian must gain back a sense of control. In our twenty-first century world, the best way to do that is through a combination of government and social media. Control what’s said, and control what people do, and then you gain the sense of pseudo-control that buys your authoritarian, irrational psyche some relief … for now.

These control freaks in our government and media will never get enough control. They’re like heroin addicts that way. That’s why the “15 day” COVID controls became permanent, and expand relentlessly (now through vaccine mandates). And even those controls will never be enough. The psychopathology spreads like a malignancy.

Parents dissenting against absurd and unjust masking and indoctrination of children are the enemy, according to the control freaks who seek to lower their anxiety and raise their narcissistic sense of “self” to levels not seen since the time of Hitler and Stalin. Enter Merrick Garland, Biden, and all of the rest of the freak show (in the corporate and entertainment worlds, as well). The sickest have risen to the top. That proves society is deeply, deeply sick.

We — the rational, the decent, the liberty-loving — are in the midst of trying to survive in a civilization dominated and run by psychopathology and sociopathy of the worst kind. It’s amazing we’re all still standing, much less thinking. We should pat ourselves on the backs. And show kindness and empathy not toward our enemies, but toward our fellow thinkers.



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