Doctors are Not Free to Speak Out Against Medical Fascism

Doctors are afraid to question masks or vaccines. Most of them spout the party line to their patients. Maybe they mean it; maybe they don’t. The vast majority of doctors and hospitals get the majority of their income from government–that is, from Medicare and Medicaid. They’re afraid of challenging the government position because they could lose most of their income. Biden’s regime is openly and aggressively going after doctors as a means of imposing his political will and untainted propaganda.

You think we don’t have socialism in medicine in America? We certainly do. We have for years. Government medicine is popular, because it’s free. Medicare and Medicaid will never go away, because they’re free, and most people don’t believe they should have to pay for medical care. “Medical care is my right!” But remember: You have no way of knowing what your doctor really thinks about COVID, vaccines or masks. A major precedent has been established: Your medical care is now POLITICAL. Free medical care comes at a price.




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