Tyrants Are Not Your Friends

“If I comply, they’ll leave me alone. If I comply, then things will go back to normal … it will be like 2019 again.”
That’s not how it works.

When people initiate force against you, they’ve already revealed who they are. They’re bad people. They’re criminals. They’re thugs. When a thug and a liar makes a promise to you, that promise means nothing. Just because he says he’ll let things go back to normal — that he’ll set you free, if you comply one more time — doesn’t mean it will happen. It almost certainly won’t. Would a kidnapper honor his promise? Would an open terrorist? No way.

And it’s logical that he won’t. Because he’s an initiator of force. He’s making you wear a mask, get a jab, shut down your business, accept violence from politically connected thugs without any police protection for you, or do whatever the next mandate will be (and there WILL be a next one). He’s doing it all through force and intimidation. That’s what predators, criminals and emotional abusers do. That’s what dictators and tyrants do.

He’s ignoring the Constitution. He says, “It’s an emergency” so he can ignore the rights guaranteed protection under the Bill of Rights. To expect someone who’s already a brute and a liar to suddenly become honest, reasonable and peaceful — after showing you that he’s already the polar opposite of these things — is absurd. If you think otherwise, you’re in the worst kind of denial.

America is, at present, rolling over. We’re morphing into a dictatorship very rapidly. Why? Because the dictators see they can achieve what they want without even firing a shot. All they have to do is shame you, and that’s it, at least for the majority.

I am convinced this process will not and cannot reverse until millions of us — the great majority of us — get out of denial. The key to getting out of denial is realizing and accepting that you are not dealing with good people. You are not even dealing with dysfunctional politicians; you are dealing with actual dictators. Forget George Washington. Forget Thomas Jefferson. Forget James Madison. Forget Ronald Reagan, even. They are gone. Their ideas, attitudes and principles of severely limited government are no longer in operation. The thugs and dictators who have taken over are exactly that: thugs and dictators. They stand for unlimited government and coercion. They display it daily. Let’s be real: They are unaccountable to the voters. They know it. And they act like they know it. Joe Biden brags about his arbitrary power, sneering and stamping as he does so. He’s nothing more than the unpopular, stupid boy who finally got a seat at the cool kids’ table; and my is he vengeful about it. The people he answers to have done their job well.

You cannot do emotional or personal business with thugs or dictators. You cannot do so in a family or marriage. You cannot do so in a business relationship. And you cannot tolerate it in a government, not if you wish to live as anything other than a slave. Tyrants are not your friends.



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