Another Loss

The sad thing about the California recall isn’t so much that Larry Elder lost. The sad thing is that, once again, we can’t know the truth. Admittedly, in California it’s highly believable that Newsom won. The state is full of literally Communist Democrats, especially in the wealthy and urban areas. But how can we know for sure?

The energy that led to gaining the signatures required to hold a recall election should count for something. The last time this happened in California, it counted enough for the governor to be removed from office. And now we’re to believe that Newsom held his office with a decisive, easy margin. The two things just don’t add up. Just like Joe Biden getting the greatest number of votes in American history does not add up, particularly when Biden couldn’t pack a house one single time, while Donald Trump to this day still fills sports stadiums.

Our rulers continue to sneer, cajole, and smirk. They don’t care. They’re just sociopaths, after all. What do they care about, other than their own heroin-like thirst for unending power? Along with the unlimited wealth produced by others — wealth stolen for themselves and their gullible, free-loading constituents.

If you read the history of the American revolution, you will find that the colonists lost a lot of battles before the tide turned in their favor. Similarly, if you read the history of the Civil War you’ll find that the North was losing quite badly, even under Lincoln, until the tide eventually turned. But even in those cases the initially losing sides had SOME victories. To date, starting 18 months ago, the side of liberty, freedom, the Constitution and individual rights has had NONE. Zero. No victories at all; just loss piled upon loss piled upon a still worse loss. We continue to lose the war, and we continue to lose every single battle. It’s devastating and demoralizing in the extreme. Freedom has never been in such peril as it is today, not even at the start of the American Revolution or the Civil War. We are headed, at least on our present course, for the most totalitarian and ruthless dictatorship in all of human history.

Keep in mind that even a close race in California would have been a victory. It would have provided some hope that elections still matter, if an unapologetic Trump-supporting conservative could nearly become the governor of California, or simply do better than expected. And perhaps Larry Elder did; but the truth is not ours to know, nor even to talk about, so far as fascist tech companies like Google and Facebook are concerned, not to mention Hollywood, Coca Cola, Nike or Amazon.

We — the people, the good guys — are losing. Every single battle. Without exception. Something must be overwhelmingly and fundamentally wrong in what we’re doing. We know we are the good guys. We know we are on the right side of history, truth and justice. But something is terribly wrong with our strategy. The old rules — hoping for elections, recall efforts and the like — do not seem to be working. Not at all. It’s reasonable to speculate that elections in 2022 and 2024 will be no better. It’s like our entire constitutional system — indeed, our entire culture — has been overtaken by a deadly and unrepairable computer virus.



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