Will Gavin Newsom Really Go?

A new Emerson College poll shows a statistical tie between likely voters who favor removing Gov. Gavin Newsom (46%) in the Sep. 14 recall, and those who favor retaining him (48%). The poll, conducted July 30-August 1, has a margin of error of 3%.

Moreover, undecided voters appear to be breaking against the incumbent. In July, 43% favored recalling Newsom, with 48% against it, and 6% of likely voters undecided. Undecided voters have since fallen 3%.

The poll also found that a majority of Hispanic voters favor removing Newsom. Moreover, Republican Larry Elder holds a commanding lead among potential replacements for Newsom. [reported at Breitbart News 8/4/21]

The prospect of removing Gavin Newsom from office, and replacing him with a Trump-like successor such as Larry Elder (whose book contains a chapter on health care written by me) seems almost too good to be true. Sadly, because it probably is.

Keep in mind: Mail-in voting removed Donald Trump from office, probably illegally. We’ll never know for sure, because the Communist media will not permit us to discuss it, and the Supreme Court will not consider the considerable evidence. Mail-in voting isn’t going anywhere. Certainly not in California. Think about it: If you were a criminal, and you got the mass of the public to cooperate with your schemes willingly, and those schemes made you a billionaire, without any liability or consequence whatsoever … wouldn’t you keep doing what worked? And mail-in voting will, rest assured, be part of California FOREVER. Not that they needed it. Keep in mind that it was a majority who put Gavin Newsom into office in the first place. His legitimacy as governor is not in question. His competence and ideology are in question — and deservedly so. But most of the people wanted him, or someone at least as bad as him. It’s unlikely that this has changed in two short years.

In such an atmosphere, do you think the powers that now rule our media-government regime will permit the replacement of a fellow Communist with a hardline, black conservative — as Governor of California, of all things?

It would be at least as extraordinary as the elevation of Donald Trump himself to the presidency back in 2016.

I don’t think the billionaires who rule Facebook, Twitter and Google will allow something of this magnitude to happen. Not ever again.

But prove me wrong, California.


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