The Eviction Moratorium Never Should Have Happened

The “eviction moratorium” reveals the nature of our new one-party system in America.

The battle is not between capitalism and socialism. The battle is between two warring camps of socialism — one side represented by Nancy Pelosi, the other by AOC, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

If the battle were between socialism and capitalism, the capitalism side would argue the following: “Tenants sign an agreement. The government can’t arbitrarily release millions of people from those agreements. That’s a violation of the right to contract, and the violation of the property and contract rights of the landlord leasing the property. The government’s error was not refusing to reinstate the eviction moratorium. The moratorium should not have been imposed in the first place. It’s morally wrong, and legally unsound, according to the most basic principles of any free society. What about the plight of the unemployed, you ask? The unemployment is the fault of the government. Without government edicts for 17 months and standing, there would not be so much unemployment. Without government continuing to pay people above the market rate to stay home, rather than work, there would also not be so much unemployment. All of this is the government’s fault. The government shut down the economy at a time when unemployment in the United States was at an all-time low, in 2019 and the start of 2020. If you’re angry about the plight of the working man, then blame the government, who won’t let the working man work.”

Of course, you won’t find these arguments anywhere in the media, or out of the mouth of any Republican (except, perhaps, for Senator Rand Paul).

Instead, the battle is between the faction represented by AOC and Bernie Sanders, who want full and total Communism NOW, and the faction represented by Nancy Pelosi — who want the payoffs to themselves and their families to keep coming from the political donors who buy back their rights with political donations.

I am not interested in the outcome of those battles. If recent history is any guide, Pelosi will bow to the Communist/AOC/Bernie Sanders wing of the party, as she has with everything else.

The only real argument that matters are the arguments for the Bill of Rights, the rights of the individual and basic property rights. Not to mention the right to be left alone, and not to have your livelihood or business destroyed by sadistic lockdowns and mask mandates every time somebody sneezes.

But I guess I’m old-fashioned.



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