Freedom: Use It or Lose It (Right Now You’re Losing It All)

The whole underlying premise of Communism and leftism is that the self is evil. Capitalism, we’re told, is evil because it focuses on economic self-interest and merit. Individualism, we’re told, is evil because it focuses on individual identity rather than the only kind of identity (we’re told) that matters: race or gender.

Self-fulfillment is now passe. Yet these same leftist radicals — along with the “mainstream” Democratic Party elites who now entirely rule us according to that radicalism — advocate wholesale destruction of our economy, our property, our values, our military, our police, our sense of law and order.

What do they offer in its place? The question is never raised.

Leftists, Democrats, Communists, socialists and fascists have nothing to offer except for destruction. They destroyed our economy — the small business economy, the lifeblood of our economy that can no longer function because its employees are now paid to stay at home, thanks to the recent scamdemic as well as the next one (and there WILL be a next one). They eliminated our right to free speech. They threaten to take our guns, and, as the demented, perverted token ruler in the White House has promised, to send the U.S. military (including nuclear) arsenal after anyone who resists. Destruction of liberty, of individual rights, of capitalism, of anything that makes any individual’s life worth living: It’s all they’ve got. It’s like starving a person of oxygen and telling him, “I’m giving you life.”

It’s one thing to trust an ideology that offers you nothing but utopian promises of wishful thinking and delusions of the impossible. But it’s another thing to sign on for the wholesale, unrelenting and uncompromising destruction of everything valuable — everything material, everything psychological, everything spiritual. And make no mistake: By being silent, you’re signing on for it. You’re participating in your own destruction. If you won’t be at least as loud-mouthed as your leftist neighbor, teacher, professor, corporate oligarch or fellow townspersons about your passion for your freedom, you will have no basis for complaining when every last bit of it is gone. “But my job! My business!” Stop being so afraid. When they’re finished, your money will be worth nothing and your business will no longer exist. Your job, if you can find one, will be with the corporate oligarchy who will make you act like you believe everything your insane leftist family and friends run around screeching now.

These people we have permitted to take charge of absolutely everything — our currency, our economy, our military, our educational system, health care, literally life and death — have nothing whatsoever to offer. Not even a false utopia. Hatred, anger, resentment and retribution — this is literally all they have. Oh, and a bunch a free stuff … to be paid for by a currency they have triggered into hyperinflation, and an economic system (capitalism, including small business) they have utterly destroyed. Who’s going to pay for the free stuff? And what’s the point of seeking to “conserve”, as a conservative, if destruction of self and others is all that we can count on? The Establishment is run by the inmates of a loony bin — only they’re far, far more dangerous and evil. It’s nothing worth preserving. At some point, we have to start over.



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