How to Get Nazi Germany — This Time, in America

Everyone asks: “How did we get Nazi Germany? How could it happen?”

Here’s how Nazi Germany happened:

1) A government that tells people to stop thinking. “Thinking is selfish. Just do what you’re told.”

2) Widespread compliance.

These two things are all you need for Nazi Germany, or its equivalent today. It’s not a left-wing or right-wing thing. It doesn’t matter if you call it National Socialism, Communism or “progressive”. IT’S ALL THE SAME.

It’s not a political thing so much as a human thing — it’s a psychological thing. It can happen anywhere. If you think you’re immune, or that America is immune — because of God or history — then you’re frankly delusional. People have free will. The choices we make, regarding our rights and our ideals, determine everything. If we do not assert our inalienable rights, rest assured nobody will do it for us.

Never stop thinking. Never stop questioning — especially those least morally and intellectually qualified to run anything, politicians and unaccountable bureaucrats. Facebook, Twitter and Google are wrong. Your government school teachers and college professors were wrong. Your sports, television and movie celebrities are all wrong. Your news anchorpersons, no matter how earnest and somber they may act, are all dead wrong.

Thinking for yourself in a world where virtually all of the elite and powerful are wrong about virtually everything? It’s not only a matter of self-esteem. It is a matter of life and death.

Never blindly comply. If early Americans had complied with irrationality, there would be no great country to lose. Don’t let it go.


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