Coercion Never Wins

Idiots think vaccine mandates make sense. Won’t they be surprised. When you coerce people into acting against their judgment, especially about their bodies, you may get “compliance”–but you will never have the good will that only persuasion can generate. The resentment, bitterness and justified anger will only grow. Health Nazis, like any other Communist or collectivist, never think beyond the moment they attain the results of their brute force. “I got you to do what I wanted you to do. I won, and that’s that.”

Oh, how wrong that is. Every dictatorship in human history has eventually collapsed. Coercion never wins in the end because it never, ever wins at the time. Take on the millions and millions of Americans (30-40 percent) who still cherish their freedom, if you like. But you fools will never achieve what you think.



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