You Did It, Big Tech

Dear Facebook, Twitter and Google: You did everything in your power to ensure this man got power, at any cost. Now he’s ordering your companies to take down posts whether you want them down, or not. He accuses you of sanctioning murder whenever dissenters post on your platforms. YOU created this monster, and YOU are responsible. If you had studied the history of absolutely any dictatorship, you would have learned that the first to be sacrificed are the media. Your worst days are coming, and it’s 100 percent on you.

Biden — this disgusting, demented freak — claims that saying things he doesn’t agree with on social media is the moral equivalent of murder. How long before he and his kind say it’s the legal equivalent, too? Clearly, the stage is being set for: “Hate speech and misinformation (defined by us) are no different than killing people”. So it will next be a felony to say things the totalitarian government dislikes. As for Zuckerberg, who cares what he thinks? He and fellow Big Tech Communists created and enabled this disaster.



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