It’s Official: Biden Regime Pulls the Plug on Free Speech in America … FOR REAL

The moment Big Tech companies openly ally themselves with the federal government to censor speech is the moment we no longer have a First Amendment. That’s precisely what’s happening. Biden’s spokeswoman proudly and openly acknowledged that senior White House officials are telling Facebook and other social media companies which social media posts to censor, and who should be punished. THIS IS ACTUAL, DIRECT CENSORSHIP by the federal government. It’s no longer an issue of “private companies may kick off whomever they wish” BECAUSE ONCE THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT ORDERS FACEBOOK AND TWITTER TO CENSOR posts, it’s the government doing the censoring.

Not only did Psaki triple down on her assertion that the Biden regime has every “right” to do this. She also brazenly claims that the government may direct ALL social media companies, not just Facebook, Google and Twitter, to take down posts. It would be like ordering CNN, MSNBC, Fox and Breitbart all to take down stories the “administration” does not like. Clearly, only Fox and Breitbart would be taking down stories, not CNN. THIS IS CENSORSHIP, plain and simple. These modern-day, irredeemably evil savages are doing it defiantly and openly. Literally, all that’s left are arrests and detainment of anyone the Biden regime considers as “spreading misinformation” — with misinformation defined as anything they don’t like. They hope to avoid that, of course, by counting on the totalitarian-minded Big Tech companies to support them in it. But the precedent has been established that a federal regime may order any posts, commentaries or stories arbitrarily deemed “misinformation” taken down. Will the Supreme Court eventually step in? Not if their zero support for election integrity is any guide.

Congratulations. You lived to see America become a dictatorship. This is not a republic. It’s an authoritarian regime literally at war with its own people.

Fox News 7/16/21: “The White House is courting intense criticism again Friday after press secretary Jen Psaki said that once users are banned from one social media platform for spreading coronavirus “misinformation,” they should be expelled from all others as well.” [Rest of the story here]

“Intense criticism”? It’s the literal end of free speech in America.



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