Let’s Get Real: America WILL Break Apart

America will break up. I don’t wish for it. It’s not a solution. It’s just a fact. Look at what’s happening culturally, politically, socially. Masks. Forced vaccinations. Massive tax hikes. Inconceivable government spending, debt and bankruptcy–FOR NO REASON. Lockdowns looming every cold and flu season. Elimination of fossil fuels. No control of the borders. When you consider that millions of people WANT all this, while millions of others cannot tolerate any of it — these are impossible, irreconcilable differences. It can’t be fixed. I believe America will end up broken not in two, but in multiple pieces.

I hope it can be peaceful. But when I look at violent threats against citizens (millions who voted for Trump) coming from Biden, from the head of the U.S. military and much of the Congress — I just don’t see how this ends well. The trigger for it all? Escalation of censorship, by some partnership between Big Tech and our hard leftist government; OR gun confiscation. Or both. The break will come with the final nail in the coffin for the First or Second Amendments. It’s fitting, at least, for a nation once based on the rights of man.



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