Let Freedom Ring

Memes from social media of the last several days (mostly mine, credit to others where noted):

If the FDA is not required for COVID vaccine, then why is the FDA needed for anything else?

Tyrants foster unearned guilt. They break your spirit. And then they rule you. That’s all it is.

“Unemployment benefits are intended for people who CAN’T find jobs, not for people who WON’T find jobs.” #gotowork
Actually, not true. The entitlement state was created to destroy the economy and enslave the people. AND IT’S WORKING.

@Joy_Villa on Twitter: How do people hate America 364 days a year and sit back and enjoy a Fourth of July bbq?

The Deadliest Virus in the United States is the Media.

Dog Checks Democrat Owner Into Therapy After Traumatic 4th of July Fireworks Show (Marcia Jeanne Gibson)

“In life it’s important to know when to stop arguing with people and siply let them be wrong.” Leave them free to endure the consequences of their errors and their evasiveness. If they have treated you badly, starve them of your virtue, and of your company.

Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) decries the “involuntary servitude” she claims black people still suffer in the USA. Her solution? Marxism, which imposes impoverishment and involuntary servitude on EVERYONE. Except elites like herself, of course. Deranged and sickening.

Let’s start over.
And let’s exclude the tyrants who call themselves “Democrats”.



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