Old School Thought Will Not Save Us from Slavery

A Fox News headline reads: “Major Vulnerability: Biden’s high-wire act with renewed gun control push could hurt Dems in 2022.”

This is Fox News, old school-think. If being rabidly totalitarian in their views did not hurt Democrats in 2020, then why will it hurt them in 2022? Either a plurality of the country wants this insanity, or the left is now effective enough at election fraud and other manipulation to pull this off. It’s dangerous to sit back, like it’s 1980 or 1994, or even 2010, and think they won’t do it.

As I posted on Facebook yesterday:

Liberty is for the INDIVIDUAL. It’s not for the group. Groups are toxic to individuals. The Bill of Rights was created to protect man from his fellow man. Not to enslave him to other men.


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