We Learned NOTHING (Rob Sussman)

Rob Sussman (who wrote the below) may have it right. Time will tell, but all the available evidence supports it:

“Increasingly convinced that it is not possible for “people” as a whole to learn any sort of grand lessons from collective mistakes/collectively experienced events.

We learned nothing about China from COVID and the economic and social consequences that came from it.
We learned nothing from our mistakes at the beginning of the pandemic. We learned nothing of communication. We learned nothing of social trust.

We learned nothing from the subprime mortgage crisis and banks are again flooding themselves with bad mortgages while the government prints trillions, setting up an inflation bomb that is going to swallow millions. It’s possible we will see another serious economic crash with many of the same elements that caused the first.

We’ve learned nothing from any major conflict in the 20th century and nothing from any century prior.

We learned nothing from the fall of Rome. We learned nothing from the fall of Weimar Germany. Both parallel the situation we are in, and we are going to do nothing to stop it, and our attempts to try will predictably exacerbate this situation. This knowledge is readily available for literally anyone who wants to seek it out within literally seconds, but that doesnt matter: we are incapable of learning lessons.

We are doomed to this cycle. We can rage all we want but you had the fortune of being here on this earth in this place and at this time and you get to witness the end of a cycle.”



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