Say His Name: “Fentanyl Floyd”

It’s a political verdict, first and foremost. But ask yourself: If black lives matter, then how does demoralizing and ultimately destroying local police HELP the people who rely on them the most — inner city residents, most of them black? The KKK and Jim Crow could not have devised a better way to brutalize inner city residents than this.

A reader (John Murphy) responds: The guy was rockin’ on Fentanyl and Methamphetamine, had been sentenced and served time for home invasion, passed counterfeit money, and resisted arrest. Those are real class acts. And the cry of, “Say his name!” Is heard. Okay, “Fentanyl Floyd”. I said it.

And yet George Floyd now holds a higher moral status than Martin Luther King. Such is the incredibly low character — and IQ — of today’s leftists.



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