Democratic Determination to Eliminate Filibuster is Highly Revealing

If you really believed you’d ever be out of power again, you would not support getting rid of the filibuster in the U.S. Senate. Clearly, the Democratic Communists intend to hold power forever once they get rid of the filibuster. Otherwise, they would not risk being the minority in future sessions of Congress without it. Right now, the filibuster is the only thing standing in the way of: stacking the Supreme Court; completely nationalizing and rigging elections in favor of one party; confiscating all guns; imposing all-out censorship; redistributing wealth; imposing a racist dictatorship; and all the rest. It takes a dictator to want to get rid of the filibuster. Just look at the legislation they’re trying to pass without it. We already know.

Republicans and lovers of liberty should not take too much comfort in that election bill losing. All it means is that we keep the status quo. The status quo means that President Trump wasn’t allowed to win reelection, regardless of what the votes said; and two Georgia Senate seats were going to the Democrats regardless of the voting outcome. We know there was fraud, and our entire government, right up to the Supreme Court, is too corrupt even to consider investigating the evidence we already have. THAT’S our biggest problem. We can’t go on like this, even if the Democrats fail to pass one piece of legislation. This isn’t your daddy’s republic. It’s not even a republic anymore. Get real, Republicans. We need to divorce from these totalitarians, once and for all. There is no working with them — not now, and not ever again.



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