Truth Time: Why It Doesn’t Matter if Trump Runs in 2024

Trump running and winning in 2024 isn’t the big question of the next two years. He almost certainly can’t win — not without election integrity. We obviously had no election integrity in 2020, so how are we going to suddenly get it by 2024? Right now, it’s poised to get even worse, as Congress and monsters like Stacey Abrams prepare to federalize state and local election laws (according to rules rigged in favor of Democrats) by any means necessary. Plus, the Supreme Court (in 7-2 majorities) has made it clear, again and again, that it wants nothing to do with election cases, even elections for the U.S. President. That, right there, may have been the moment of death for our Constitution. I don’t believe the American republic can recover from a blow of that magnitude, i.e., of literal abandonment by the Supreme Court — with a “conservative” majority, no less!

Even if Trump pulled off another virtually impossible 2016 win in 2024, what would it change? Sure, it would feel good. But the reality will be the same, or worse. The career bureaucrats in the executive branch would be more against him than ever; the media would triple down their opposition; the left-wing mayors and governors who control most of America’s cities will set the country on fire before allowing even a month of another Trump presidency to pass. He will continue to have no ability to communicate with Americans through Twitter and Facebook, and the news media would lie and distort on a scale never seen before. And you can forget the military. The top brass Biden has installed don’t appear much different from the top brass of the Russian or Chinese military, given their racist, statist and openly totalitarian ideas. It’s only going to get worse.

Another Trump presidency, or any Republican presidency (assuming you can find a Republican who’s trustworthy, which is rare) won’t save us. I’m not saying Donald Trump is done; but the old American model does appear to be done. The totalitarian tyrants have got us where they want us. Remember: They cannot lose according to the status quo, and they know it. Our only principled responses now — outside of overt rebellion — are things like passive resistance. This means actions like state/county/local nullification of laws and executive orders that violate individual rights and, as much as possible, refusing to cooperate and go along with brazenly authoritarian or totalitarian measures. Millions of people can wield a LOT of power through passive resistance and civil disobedience; but experiences from the “scamdemic” show that the vast majority can be manipulated to an extraordinary and embarrassing degree. Defiance means resisting — truly resisting. By the millions. Believe me, there are going to be many more opportunities. They’re not done with us on vaccinations and face masks, especially when cold/flu season returns; and there are many more things in store none of us could even imagine right now, any more than we could have imagined the events of 2020 and 2021 back in 2019. Get real. They know they can do whatever they want to us, because they did so before and they will again. That’s what tyrants and sociopaths do. Until we SHOW them we’re done. I’m not calling for the initiation of violence. I’m saying there’s a point where you simply REFUSE to cooperate. If you’re not quite at that point just yet, I understand. But on our current course, I promise you will be.

Remember: The Constitution and Bill of Rights were not created to give Congress, the Supreme Court and the President the ability to vote away our rights. Or to obliterate those rights through edicts, lies, intimidation or pressure. The three branches of government were created to UPHOLD those rights. Bidenistas are preparing to expand censorship, eradicate legal ownership of guns, federalize zoning laws, nationalize much of private industry, confiscate wealth and ruin our currency with inflationary spending, most of it on illegal aliens who will be kept “on the dole” forever. These are the kinds of rights violations that our government was supposed to prevent — NOT inflict on us. Bear that in mind when you think it’s too radical to start talking about defying our government. The moment our government becomes the chief violator of rights, rather than the chief protector of rights, is the moment that our Constitution and Bill of Rights are no longer in operation, tragically. I believe it’s fair to say that moment has already arrived. Judge for yourselves.

None of this is meant to minimize the role Donald Trump may still have to play in the American story; nor the role of other patriots, heroes and thinkers yet to emerge. But we can’t keep pretending that elections and government in the prior sense of those terms are enough. The left, who played the long game since at least the 1960s and eventually took over the entire culture (not just the government), have destroyed the fabric and institutions of our republic. We can aim to rebuild them. But you first have to defeat the enemy who destroyed them. We are not a free country, like we used to be; we are an occupied country. And the people occupying it are not good people.


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