China & Russia are Not the Only Threats to Freedom

“Biden, NATO stress threats from China and Russia” [says a headline] What about threats from the American regime? Define “threats”. I define threats as violations of individual rights. I have no doubt that the Chinese and Russian governments are threats, by this definition. But so is the American government. In the last year alone, Americans have experienced: forced lockdowns; forced mask wearing; massive transfers of wealth; inflationary policies that destroy the value of money and reduce the value of everyone’s property and income; implicit and explicit messages to the police in major cities to enforce laws against property rights selectively, based on race and political views; credible threats of imminent gun confiscation despite the Second Amendment; open, credible threats to change the make-up of the Supreme Court so only one outcome (the desires of the party in power) will be the result — forever; brazen tampering of elections followed by physical threats, like a mafia, against anyone who raises concerns; censorship through massive tech companies who openly align with one political party against all other citizens … the list goes on and on.

And there’s one crucial difference: The Chinese and Russian governments do not pretend to be anything other than brutal dictatorships; the American government pretends to uphold rights it routinely and daily violates, with escalating indifference. You might reply that in America, the current regime does not (yet) imprison citizens in gulags and concentration camps for differences of opinions, such as a choice not to take experimental medical procedures the government deems mandatory. So what? The precedent for doing that has all been established. Once government conveys, in practice and theory, that ITS desires override the rights of the individual every single time (as has been the case without exception since early 2020), then all bets are off. Without firing a shot, they have turned America into … well, Russia and China. So when NATO and Emperor Biden call those countries a threat, we are entitled to laugh in their faces. Biden and NATO are no more our friends than Putin or Xi Jinping.



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