It’s Not 1975. Fauci Isn’t Going Anywhere.

You have to understand something: It’s not 1975. It’s not 1995. It’s not even 2010. We have only ONE Party now. We have ONE media, with only token and diminishing dissension. We are living under a virtual dictatorship, because election integrity is gone, as 2020 taught us and the charade of the next two elections will make even clearer. Fauci is not going anywhere. Just like Andrew Cuomo didn’t go anywhere. The media needs to keep it superficially interesting, so our rulers will sometimes fight among themselves–or at least pretend to. Google and MSNBC need to sell to advertisers. Fauci, like Pelosi, will not go away. It’s we the people who must leave them. They need us; we don’t need them. If we were willing to govern our own lives, we would not have a government of fake experts like Dr. Fauci who created the medical equivalent of a Mafia.



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