What Will Restrictions Be for the “Racism Virus”?

Increasingly, the headlines say things like, “The racism virus: What can we do about it?”. Or: “Racism is a pandemic”. We’re told that the government must DO SOMETHING to eradicate it, just as the government (supposedly) does things to eradicate a real virus. So what will this look like? Will there be lockdowns or other kinds of requirements, such as speech restrictions beyond what fascist social media giants already impose? Will we be forced to do things against our will, often things that make no rational sense and have nothing whatsoever to do with racism, to prove we’re not racist? What will the criteria be for the restrictions ending, or will they ever end? How will we know, objectively, when the “racism pandemic” is over? Lockdowns for COVID were lengthy and at the discretion (i.e., whim) of the tyrant governors/mayors and the opinions of a single, now fully discredited government doctor whose recommendations changed and contradicted one another by the hour. Some of these virus restrictions, especially in places like California, are NEVER going to end.

So, bearing all this in mind, what will a government-mandated response to a “racism crisis” look like? It’s coming, so start considering now what you’re going to do. Or if you’re going to just keep taking it, and do nothing … like most of us have done up to now.



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