Coming to Russia (and America): A Kinder, Gentler Gulag

The Russian government publicly flirts with returning to Stalin’s gulag system, consisting of forced labor camps. [Story and picture at Breitbart]

The head of the Russian Federal Penitentiary Service (FSIN), Alexander Kalashnikov, insisted last week that his proposed labor camps would not be gulags. “The conditions there will be completely different because an individual will be working and living in a communal home, or rent an apartment and live with their family if they like. They will also be paid well,” he said. Of course, it will be involuntary servitude–but NICE servitude.

It’s a kinder, gentler gulag. If you think something similar can’t happen in America, you’re not paying attention. We already have forced mask mandates, year-long lockdowns, vaccination passports, social media censorship in service to the one party in power who has rigged our election system. Gun confiscation is being legislated at the national level, and local police are being supplanted by a federalized, woke military that will impose the will of the unaccountable federal regime on everyone. Can gulags be far behind?



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