If You Think the CDC is Impartial, You’re a Fool

Most people assume that only private enterprises have interests. “Business wants to make a profit. That’s BAD,” most assume. Actually, the need to make a profit is GOOD. It’s how you please customers, as well as yourself. “Governments,” most people assume, “are not self-interested. They only care about the common good.” NOTHING could be further from the truth. If the COVID debacle didn’t teach you that, then you have learned nothing. Consider how COVID numbers are used to justify and manipulate according to the interests of the rulers — and have nothing whatsoever to do with anyone’s health. The people in power are not good people.

From an article by Ryan McMaken entitled, “Why Cause-of-Death Stats Aren’t As Reliable as the CDC Wants You to Think”: “Historically, the overwhelming majority of Americans have ignored death certificates and the topic of how they are processed, produced, and compiled for purposes of government statistics.

During 2020, however, death certificates rose to a level of unprecedented prominence in the United States. This was due to the fact that both state and federal government agencies began using covid death counts as a means to justify a wide variety of radical new government decrees designed to combat disease.

Given that governments were leaning so heavily on death counts as an excuse for unprecedented expansions of state power, many observers quite understandably began to question how these deaths were being counted.

It turns out that the administration of death certificates is something ripe for some serious skepticism. Even before the panic that ensued over rising reports of covid-19 deaths, the accuracy of death certificates was an ongoing concern.”



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