For the 100th Time: Lock Her Up!

Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan was recently busted for not wearing a mask in a crowd of people — in violation of her own never-ending mask mandates for the state of Michigan.

In the therapy field we say, “You can’t NOT communicate.” And one of my personal mottos has always been: Don’t listen to words; listen to actions. When words and actions conflict, the actions will tell you the truth. Need I say more? As Michigan residents know better than anyone, this woman is a TOXIC TYRANT. She should be hauled off to prison and tried for brutal violations of her state’s Constitution, not to mention the U.S. Bill of Rights.

She has literally murdered people through her insane restrictions on daily life for no real reason and she used a mostly non-fatal virus as an excuse to practice dictatorship. Her online “apology” is about as meaningful as the “apology” of a spouse abuser promising not to ever do it again (after the 53rd offense). The people of Michigan should rise up and do what needs to be done: Remove her from power, and prosecute the hell out of her.



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