Emperor Biden Segregates Society

Emperor Biden says it’s OK not to wear a mask — UNLESS you’re not vaccinated. So this means the so-called vaccine does NOT protect you, right? If you need a non-vaccinated person to wear a mask when you’ve had the vaccine, then your vaccine isn’t doing you much good, is it?

Clearly, this is about CONTROL and punishment … not health. If you cannot see this, you’re either hopelessly irrational or (more likely) simply dishonest. Perhaps you wish to have nothing to do with me if I opt to hold off on an experimental treatment that the FDA would not have approved without political pressure. I likewise want nothing to do with you if you’re this stupid, or this intellectually dishonest.

By the way, the proper response if someone demands to know if you’re vaccinated, and you’re not comfortable saying, “None of your damn business” is: “Please tell me your health status. Have you been to the doctor lately? Are you diabetic? Are you HIV-positive? What’s your blood pressure? How much do you weigh? Have you ever had cancer? [If a woman] When was your last gynecology appointment?”

If privacy, choice and freedom are now gone, then we will have to be consistent about it.



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