Coercion Now Rules America

Coercion is everything, in today’s America. The faith and confidence today’s rulers in D.C., academia, Big Tech and elsewhere put into the power of force is limitless. They FORCE us to stay home, even when reason tells us it’s not necessary. They FORCE us to wear masks, in the name of science, when science said the opposite two days earlier. They FORCE us to get vaccinations (and that form of force will come). They FORCE us to pay for the welfare, permanent unemployment benefits, college tuition, child care and virtually everything else of others — that is, if we work and produce and they do NOT. They FORCE us to ignore the information and data we wish to see, and they FORCE us to pay attention only to what they want us to see. They force us to register our guns, and very soon they will FORCE us to hand them over.
It’s a religion of FORCE. And much more is coming. There’s no reason for them to stop, because the great majority of us are docile and compliant, at least behaviorally if not internally.

In a way, however, this is the weakness of the Communists, socialists, fascists or whatever you wish to label them: their unerring, unwavering belief in the power of force. If you look back on the Hitlers and the Stalins of history, you can’t deny they did a hell of a lot of damage with their use of coercion. But what did they ultimately accomplish? Whose hearts or minds did they appeal to, and win over? Certainly not the hearts and minds of anyone even remotely rational or decent.

Force cannot win because it’s not how the human mind operates. The human mind and psyche do not respond to force. Force appeals to one thing only: fear. The hapless Joe Biden and all the others are essentially communicating, “Do what I say — or else. And oh, by the way, do what I say in the name of freedom, liberty and unity.” It’s not new. It’s what totalitarians and tyrants have ALWAYS done. Anyone who grew up in a family run by a tyrant knows the code. Now that code, like it or not, has come to America.

You can be sure that the religion of force will fail in America as decisively as it failed elsewhere. However, the failure of force is no guarantee of liberty. We don’t get liberty simply because force fails again and again. We have to know what we’re FOR, and why we’re for it. That’s the only way out of this mess.



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