Having No Borders Works Both Ways, Right?

So under Biden’s regime, we no longer have borders. Everyone is automatically, and by birthright, an American citizen. But doesn’t that apply to the billions of people throughout the rest of the world? Any one of them could come to the USA at any time, and claim citizenship. So now the world is one gigantic nation. Does this mean that the US Bill of Rights is now international–that the rights to free speech, to bear arms, to due process of law, private property rights and honest elections apply all over the planet?

Oops, I forget. The USA no longer honors a Bill of Rights. We no longer have those rights. We’re essentially like the authoritarian or totalitarian countries from where these poor souls are fleeing. Sorry, immigrants. Biden has promised you a rose garden. But in another few years, you will see little difference between the former American republic and the impoverished hellholes you thought you escaped.




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