Mandatory Vaccination Advice from “The Shrew”

I heard a horrific case for mandating the vaccine the other day. I believe it came from one of those awful shrews on “The View”. Her argument basically came down to: “People don’t have a right to prevent others from helping others.” That’s why the COVID vaccine must be mandated.

She accepts the false premise that taking a vaccination is to protect others, even though it does no such thing. Assuming a vaccination is effective, and I get the vaccine while you don’t, then I have done nothing to protect you from contracting the feared disease; the vaccination can only protect ME, not you.

Nevertheless the shrew on “The View” maintains that it does protect others, and that to NOT get the vaccination yourself prevents others from helping others. Wow. Talk about Communism. I’m not sure even the true blue Communists in Soviet Russia and Cuba ever went that far. “You must serve others,” they said. But I don’t think the Soviets or Maoists ever said, “You must serve others — otherwise you are violating the right of others to serve others.” It may have been too loony and illogical even for them.

We’ve gone from the concept of INDIVIDUAL rights — to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness — to the “right” to serve others … a right which may not be prevented by others who refuse to serve. So if you wish to give your entire life’s savings away to a homeless person, according to this principle, then I am violating your right to do so by not giving MY entire life’s savings away to a homeless person.

I have no words for this kind of madness. The American Psychiatric Association has no name. It renders one speechless. If the women on “The View” are taken seriously enough to still be on the air, and capable of attracting viewers and advertisers, then we are living in a culture so unhinged that it’s unprecedented in all of human history.




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