Division Beats Submission

It used to be called “State of the Union.” Now it’s a “congressional address”. Very Soviet-like.

His stupid address to the nation doesn’t matter. It’s all totalitarian Communism. There’s no news there. It’s all predictable. It will have to be undermined and fought outside the traditional channels like free elections and free speech BECAUSE WE NO LONGER HAVE THOSE. The healthy thing is to stop dignifying this rigged regime as a legitimate successor to real presidencies. That America is over. The republic has been dying a long time. Face the truth before the stormtroopers of the cabal propping up this demented miscreant literally or figuratively come knocking on your door. Facing the truth, that our republic is dead, does not automatically lead to a solution; but it’s an entirely necessary condition for finding one. Remember: the reality and rationality of individual rights and the Bill of Rights once honored by the American government, more or less, will long outlive these outlaws disguised as “leaders”.

“I don’t remember a time in my lifetime people more divided than they are right now.”
— Frank Luntz, long-time pollster

I agree. Why would anyone who cherishes his or her liberty want anything to do with people who don’t care if the Bill of Rights is obliterated — just so their guys are in charge? When I encounter people who support the Communists taking over our country, I am disgusted by them. I think, “YOU stole my freedom.” And that’s personal.

Division is better than submission.



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