Why Have People Gone Mad?

We live in the most unhinged times since perhaps the Middle Ages.

Consider the vaccine. The very same people who called it a “Trump vaccine” last January 19, something they would never allow near their bodies, now consider the vaccine not only desirable — but something that should be mandatory, put into your body whether you provide consent, or not. Evidently this transformation occurred sometime around noon on January 20. The moment Biden was sworn in, the evil Trump vaccine became the greatest, most transformative medical discovery in all of human history.

Millions of your fellow Americans, shockingly, act and speak like they actually BELIEVE that while this vaccine protects them, they still need every single other person on the planet to have the vaccine — otherwise, the vaccine won’t work in their own bodies. And, on top of it, every single person on the planet MUST continue to wear a mask — one, two or even five masks — not just indefinitely, but perhaps forever. All so THEY can be safe.

It’s too irrational to even dignify. That would be like saying: “I have an infection. I’m going to take the antibiotic. But I demand that everyone else on the planet take an antibiotic too. Otherwise, I won’t get well. If you don’t take an antibiotic too — a brand new experimental one, at that — then you are selfish and therefore evil.” Or if I need heart surgery, you must get heart surgery too — otherwise, my heart surgery will have no effect.

Even in the Middle Ages, the term “unhinged” would seem too kind to describe what’s now, in 2021, happening in all of the Western world (not just America). When you’re talking about the twenty-first century in the post-industrialized, wealthy, most technological and most educated civilization that has ever existed, we know the mistakes are far from innocent.

It’s truly mind-boggling.

The same people who think that there should be a lawsuit against the restaurant who sold the coffee if someone spills hot coffee on your lap from that restaurant; or that gun manufacturers should be held criminally liable for the choices of a sociopath who opens fire in a shopping mall … the same people who are SO litigious that they actually believe these things are just FINE with the fact that the vaccine manufacturers have NO LIABILITY WHATSOEVER for anything that goes wrong. The same people who would never, ever drive a car manufactured by a company who enjoyed special legal and criminal immunity from the government are running around telling everyone they can find, “Look at me! I had my vaccination!” — not unlike a five-year-old who just got a gold star for being well behaved in kindergarten. It’s so horrifying to see grown adults act and (not) think this way, it takes your breath away.

The same people who for years have screamed, “My body, my choice” when it comes to things like abortion or sex between consenting adults have no problem whatsoever directly or indirectly (through corporate America) COERCING people into taking part in what can only be described as a medical experiment. Mind-boggling. The same people who will call you a “Nazi” for supporting lower taxes, less government spending, having a police force, permitting people to own weapons or for opposing the outlawing of fossil fuels are more than content to adopt the Nazi policy of forcing people to take part in experimental research for the “sake of society” — which was exactly Hitler’s rationalization for everything he did.

People who opposed President Trump’s “right to try” executive order permitting people to take a risk with new, not-as-tested cancer treatments — and who called you a “Nazi” for supporting his policy — are now quite content to shame or legally sanction you (perhaps even jail you) for refusing to take an experimental vaccine for one version of a virus, a type of illness for which vaccines or other medical treatments have never been effective.

It’s hard to come up with the words to describe what’s happening in this society. And COVID is only one area of insanity. Unhinged? Insane? It’s something worse than that. And it’s far less innocent.



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