If George Floyd is Your Hero, Who’s Your God? (Anne Lavalle)

Written by Anne Lavalle, posted on Facebook:

George Floyd may be a victim.

But he was no martyr and he is no hero.

He was not killed standing up for any cause.

And he wasn’t killed because he was black.

He was a lifelong criminal who died while stoned out of his mind, violently resisting a legitimate arrest by an officer who acted recklessly out of anger and probably long term resentment and frustration.

The narrative surrounding his death is absurd and obscene.

If George Floyd is a martyr, then the cause he died for was the destruction of the once greatest country on earth and freedom itself, at the hands of ruthless globalists and violent thugs for the sake of unbridled greed and unhinged lust for power and vengeance.

If he’s your hero, who’s your god?



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