How the Nutjobs Took Over & the Best Way to Get Rid of Them

We’re told we can’t have police — not ANY police — because police are “systemically” racist. We’re told we can’t have guns because “guns kill people.” I’m still waiting to see how they enforce gun bans without police.

To say law and order is, by its nature, “systemically” racist means to claim that there’s a conspiracy. What’s the evidence for the conspiracy? None is given. Nor is there any apology for the lack of evidence. There’s only shaming. “If you don’t agree with me that everything is systemically racist, then this proves you are a racist. This makes you a monster, and likely a criminal.” In fact: “If you’re silent, that’s the same as disagreeing with me that there’s a conspiracy of racism. Your silence makes you a monster, and likely a criminal.”

That’s what passes for intellectual persuasion and discourse in America, in 2021. It’s beyond sickening. Talking about today’s society is like examining a corpse. Not just of a government — but an entire culture.

How did we get here? The insane idiots we today see in Congress and throughout the corporate world have been housed in universities for decades. Where do you think the insane idiots GOT their ideas? The insane idiots in academia played the long game. We laughed at their “political correctness” in the 1990s and early 2000s. Most of us said, “It will never happen here. They’ll never get out of the universities.” Well, they did. Their ideas did. Now they’re at your baseball games, they’re in your Coca Cola cans, they’re in your Nike products, they’re in your pancake syrup, they’re in your formerly beloved children’s books, they’re in all your movies and television shows. They’re at all of your kids’ schools, even most of the private ones. They’re in every election, which WILL go their way regardless, as we now know. They won the culture. They won the government, including the military. They got EVERYTHING in the divorce. It doesn’t matter how wrong they are, and it doesn’t matter if they’re the minority. They won, and they’re not letting their victories go. They’re tripling down on them.

Ideas have consequences. Ideas coming out of academia, from social scientists, sociologists, philosophers, feminist or racial studies gurus — these ideas do matter, no matter how insane they are. And if we let academia gain the upper hand, as we did, then eventually we get the psychological and cultural sewage that is today’s America.

Good ideas would be the cure. America was founded on brilliant, timeless ideas. Aristotle had brilliant, game changing ideas back in ancient Greece. More recently, Ayn Rand offered brilliant and transformative philosophical ideas, and pro-liberty thinkers such as Frederic Bastiat and economists Ludwig von Mises and Henry Hazlitt offer all of the solutions required to reverse course today. I am happy to provide any interested party with a reading list of good ideas.

But we’re going to have to shut down academia first. I don’t mean impose censorship. The left is already doing that, and will continue to do so. We must fight and defy their censorship. What we also have to do is 100 percent defund all colleges and universities. That will require these nutjobs running the culture to survive or flounder on their own. I know such a proposal has no chance of winning, at this point. But if you’re trying to figure out where to start, what to advocate, what to cheer for — defunding the evil nutjobs is the best place to start. Starve them of their funds. And watch what happens to them. I guarantee it will make a difference.



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