Equity is NOT the Same as Equality

We no longer talk about “equality” in America. We only speak of “equity”.

That’s no accident. Because there’s a huge difference. Our tyrants know it.

Equality means we stand the same under the law. It means we all have the same individual rights to property, free speech, to bear arms, to keep what we earn and to live under freedom, entirely as we see fit. No more and no less. That’s the ideal, and that’s the standard of the government. Government exists to ensure equal rights. Beyond that: hands off!

Equity is different. Equity means that equality under the law is not enough. Equity says that when outcomes are different, there must be systemic problems. Those systemic problems must be addressed, and until they are, there is no justice. Who will address them? Our betters — in D.C., Brussels, Beijing … wherever. Who defines the problems, who comes up with the solutions and votes on them? That’s none of our concern.

The problem is that individuals are different. Some are more motivated than others; some are more talented than others; some are mediocre; some are breathtakingly competent; some are sweet, but inept; others are simply lazy. The point is: We are all different. None of that alters our equality. But such differences do get in the way of equity. Under a regime of equity, we must all be the same — THAT becomes the standard.

So all you young socialist voters out there who want to become billionaires, or rock/rap stars, or celebrities of tomorrow — remember, those days are over, at least if you keep getting your way. The billionaire socialists you love got wealthy under a regime still based on equality rather than equity. Under that system, Mark Zuckerberg was free to create Facebook and earn billions for it, if it succeeded. Amazon took root back in the 1990s, a still capitalist period, an era decried even at the time by Bernie Sanders as way too capitalist. You won’t ever be able to do what Bill Gates did in the 1980s and others did later. Even if you do come up with something just as innovative. Because under the new regime, everyone must be equal in stature, not under the law. None of today’s billionaire socialists would be billionaires if the Communist policies they now want were in place back THEN.

The difference between equality and equity? Under equality, if you make it — it’s yours. It’s your creation. It’s your merit. Whether you create a garden or a trillion-dollar business empire, the achievement is yours. Nobody can take that away from you. Not legally, and not morally. You’re entitled to keep your millions and spend it (even give it away) as you see fit; and you’re entitled to feel pride. You earned it. It used to be called merit.

Under equity, it’s NOT yours. It belongs to everyone. There is no merit. There is only systemic injustice. If you DO achieve something, it’s because of injustice. Nobody is more or less capable, intelligent or responsible than anyone else. We’re all the same. Whether you work in a difficult job trying to better yourself, or whether you stay home for years on end waiting for the next “stimulus” deposit — you’re exactly the same. According to the apostles of equity.

How can there NOT be consequences for this shift in attitude? It’s monumental. Civilizations literally rise or fall on such shifts. Honest economists rightly make a big deal out of the hyperinflation and unsustainable debt creation caused by the trillions and trillions in unprecedented spending for which COVID became the excuse. They’re right.

But the deeper significance is moral: The character of the people.

Pretending that everyone is the same is a dreary, unjust, inaccurate, uninspiring and utterly immoral way to look at life. It’s the utter, polar opposite of whatever used to define “American.” There used to be a saying, “It takes all kinds.” It was a way of suggesting that not everyone is the same and that’s even OK: it makes the world go around. Now it’s a deep social and political offense to suggest anything of the kind. In fact, it will soon be a crime to say nothing at all. You had better go woke — or else.

Replacing equality with “equity” will be the death knell of America. Just remember, if the worst happens: It’s ideas that killed us. Not politicians. Without wrong ideas, we never would have tolerated the rulers inflicted upon us. A decrepit, worthless charlatan like Joe Biden never had the power to kill the greatest civilization in human history. Our own ignorance, evasion and moral cowardice did.


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