Help Wanted … Forever

Business owners can’t find people to staff their businesses–hotels, restaurants, stores, offices. Why? Because fewer are working than ever before. What started as “COVID relief” is morphing into a guaranteed minimum income. TRANSLATION: Being paid NOT to work. Many find this appealing. Of course, it won’t be appealing if everyone stops working. Because once everyone stops working, and everyone opts for the ever-increasing guaranteed minimum income, there won’t be things to enjoy, because there will be no businesses. So those of you who think you have it made, living off the government, remember–we are not living under full Communism yet. We are presently in the transition to Communism. Once the full impact of zero production and zero capital accumulation takes effect, you’re not going to see anything like the prosperous world of 2019 and before. You’re going to wish people still had to work.

It won’t be so cool then, you lazy snowflakes.



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